Brand history


BALUNOVA Fashion Design Studio – is the successful brand of women's designer clothes from Belarus with 15-years’ experience.

The first collection under the BALUNOVA brand was introduced to the world in 2004.

The main creator and inspirer of the brand of the same name is a professional fashion designer - Larisa Balunova.

The brand is distinguished by an eclectic approach to creating its own unique style - an unusual well-adjusted cut, sensual lines, quality materials and well-chosen colors for each season.

As a professional in her field, Larisa Balunova established herself even before the appearance of her own design studio, collaborating with other clothing brands and teaching students. The successful career of an artist-fashion designer in the leading companies in the fashion industry served as an excellent impulse for the start of her own brand BALUNOVA.

From the very beginning, the designer relied on the elegant and sophisticated style of a business woman whose clothes should be beautiful, restrained, comfortable, but always with some bright accent.

From collection to collection, Larisa Balunova clearly follow to a unified philosophy when creating clothes - this is an opportunity to give each woman a sense of confidence and stability, to feel beautiful and desirable, and also to emphasize the beauty of her inner world and personality. However, each fashion season is a new stage in the development of the brand and the possibility of creative experiments for the designer.

The combination of different types of materials, the game with shapes and volumes, unusual draperies and bright designer prints - a mix of restrained elegance and unusual color and fabric solutions forms an unlike handwriting of the designer, Larisa Balunova.

The team of Balunova Fashion Design Studio has more than 100 specialists - its own design bureau, laboratory, sewing shops and, of course, a team of professional artists, which allows not only to monitor the latest fashion trends, but also to control the quality of each released model.

Today Balunova Fashion Design Studio releases the BALUNOVA clothing line, which consists of 3 collections a year: spring-summer, autumn-winter and Christmas.

Rationality and ecology of life as a brand philosophy:

  • We work only with reliable manufacturers of fabrics from Belarus, Russia and Europe.
  • We produce limited collections of high-tech fabrics and eco-materials: linen, wool, viscose, tenсel, modal.
  • The range of each capsule in the Balunova collections allows you to create a functional women's wardrobe and combine models from different seasons.
  • We create clothes that give a feeling of confidence and comfort to a woman and also emphasizes the beauty of her inner world and personality.